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A ’hands-on’ approach and insight into Information Security: Welcome, Richard Berg!

20 January 2023

Our new Information Security Delivery Manager Richard Berg has joined Zacco’s operations in Stockholm, and we are pleased to welcome him to the Digital Trust team. He’s off to a flying start with planning meetings and assignments from day one.

Like many of his colleagues, Richard has had a genuine interest in IT, computers, software and other related matters since he was a teenager. Based on these early interests and skill development, his education and career choices almost felt motivated, or almost compulsory.

Recapping some milestones from Richard’s bio that have formed his profile as an information security expert: Richard pursued his Computer Science studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology starting in 2006 and where he “did all of the hard math”, but he quickly became absorbed by the practical demand for his skills. He gained experience as a self-employed IT Security Consultant at Sony Ericsson Mobile, worked in IT operations for Upsales, then as a consultant with Scandinavian Risk Solutions and later PricewaterhouseCoopers. Most recently, he comes from the intelligence and security services within the Swedish armed forces, having worked in an environment with exceptionally high security demands from 2010 up to joining Zacco. .

Information security runs as the common thread through Richard’s career, and he has been able to build up a profound level of expertise and experience piece by piece throughout.. For example, he acknowledges that he learned a lot about the internet, communications and “real-life stuff” quite early on,  when he was a part-time support technician at a b2b internet service provider during his university studies back in 2006. He is comfortable adapting and implementing security controls within a broad context, and he knows where the threats are and what to look for. Richard brings a lot of unique knowledge to the Zacco Digital Trust team. He knows that staying offline or ‘analogue’ is not a practical option for most businesses and can provide extensive insight into how to best achieve levels of protection beyond current industry standards. Now he looks forward to the intricate challenge of finding an optimal balance, between comprehensive security and acceptable levels of risk, to ensure that the unique business needs of each of Zacco’s clients can be met.

In his new position, Richard is curious to learn more about the legal implications of cyber security and to develop a more holistic view on the digital asset and intellectual property protection that shapes the Zacco Digital Trust approach. As an Information Security Delivery Manager, his focus will be on further defining and developing the Digital Trust offering, recruitment, cross sales and a smooth delivery of Zacco’s services, as well as related client work.

Sounds like you have busy times ahead Richard so, once again, welcome!

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