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How vulnerable is your organisation to phishing attacks? When it comes to security, humans are most vulnerable and easy targets in attacks. Use our VPhish simulator to identify users vulnerable to phishing attacks by launching your own targeted internal phishing campaign – the most effective method used by threat actors to target organisations. 

Email is still the #1 delivery vehicle for most malware… 

…as 7 out of 10 emails that an average person receives is a phishing email. 

Security awareness is a continuous process that needs to be refreshed continuously. But most organisations fail to doso. To ensure that our customers are kept on their toes in reporting suspicious emails and efficiently identifying fake emails, we have designed our product VPhish. 

VPhish a comprehensive security awareness product that simulates various phishing tests, which we send to potential targets. You will receive the test results in a detailed report that allows a clear mapping of targets, who were successfully phished. These targets will receive special training from us as a part of the security awareness to ensure that they will be better prepared in real-time situations.  

Key features of VPhish: 

  • Simple, intuitive platform for administrators to use
  • Customisable email campaigns and landing pages
  • Integrated LMS
  • Continuous Phishing Awareness Monitoring
  • Support for English and Arabic
  • On-premise implementation
  • Phishing simulation as a Managed Service
  • Support for Multiple scenarios

Phishing awareness training for employees  

Enjoy a free consultation with our Social Engineering experts. They will chart the best path forward as they learn more about your Organisational Phishing Awareness Goals. Contact us today! 


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