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Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Do you know how, when and where your privileged accounts are used? Sometimes known as Privileged Account Management, Zacco’s PAM as a Service we can help you identify, manage, secure and monitor the use of privileged accounts.  

80% of all data breaches involve the usage of privileged credentials, credentials that give access to critical servers and systems. One compromised privileged account can, in worst case, allow full access to all digital assets within a company.

 Common risks today within an IT infrastructure are: 

  • Unknown and unmanaged privileged accounts
  • Privileged access shared by administrators
  • Static passwords and SSH keys
  • Multifactor authentication is not enforced
  • The use of higher privileges than required for a certain task
  • Lack of full control of applications that need privileged access

Privileged Access Manager will help you prevent malicious usage of elevated accounts and mitigate common risks by: 

  • Discovering Privileged Accounts: We identify all services, applications, administrator and root accounts, on-board these and introduce a continuous process to remain in control of privileged access.
  • Managing and Auditing: We set up rules for creating privileged accounts and managing access, we rotate or change passwords and SSH keys. We also comprehensively trail all privileged activities, create reports and demonstrate compliance.
  • Monitoring and Controlling: We perform real time session monitoring and control, as well as offer session recording and keystroke logging.
  • Securing and Protecting: We can prevent unauthorised use of privileged accounts and enforce least privileged user policies.

With PAM as a service, you are able to protect privileged accounts against external threats as well as internal threatsAdditionally, you will also meet compliance with industry standards such as SOX, PCI, GDPR, NIST, HIPAAFISMA, FERC, NERC etc.    

Our offering 

As a partner of IBM, the Zacco Digital Trust team will help you to implement and manage your privileged access using IBM Secret Server. Depending on your requirements you can choose to implement the solution in the cloud, on-premises or as a managed services; all options include the same fully featured PAM functionalityIBM Secret Server is fast to deploy, easy to set up and configure and guarantees fast return of investment. As a PAM managed service provider, the Zacco Digital Trust team will help you stay in control and protect your most valuable assets. 

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