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How do ransomware attacks typically take place, and what can you do about it? Ransomware, a type of malware, may lock down your system or threaten to publish your private data.  

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You can learn more about ransomware from our portal VinRansomware, which provides the latest news, information and blog posts on recent malwares. Discover our specially designed Shamoon 2.0 detector tool and Jigsaw Ransomware Decryptor, which we are happy to share free of cost. 

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Ransomware is emerging as a leading cyber security threat to both organisations and individuals. But what is it? How do you defend yourself against it? Read on and find out! 

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Ransomware detector

Our Ransomware Detection tool scans users’ machines for existing ransomware infection. The tool scans for 385+ ransomware types. 

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Jigsaw decryptor

This tool decrypts the files specifically infected by Jigsaw Ransomware. You will get back your files exactly as they were before the infection and you can choose either to delete the files or keep them on a disk. 

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Shamoon detector

Our Shamoon Detection tool scans users’ machines for existing ransomware infection. It detects the Jan 2017 variant of the Shamoon2 malware. 

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