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Digital Forensics Academy

“There are only two types of companies—those that know they’ve been compromised, and those that don’t know. If you have anything that may be valuable to a competitor, you will be targeted, and almost certainly compromised.” -Dmitri Alperovitch 

Learning about Digital Forensics and Incident Response only becomes more and more important in today’s threat landscape where we’re not discussing if, but when an attack will happen. At Zacco Digital Trust, we offer digital forensics fundamentals training.

The course is designed in three parts and can be adjusted to any level within your organisation.  

  • The theory can be customized for executives or sysadmins.
  •  The forensic principles and the process of securing evidence can be tailored to your needs, both technical and legal.
  • The practical exercises will be developed for your environment.

The course may be tailored to fit a particular audience and set of expectations, and includes the following sections: 

Introduction to Digital Forensics  

  • What is Digital Forensics and how can it help an investigation?
  • What kind of evidence can be used?

The process of an investigation 

  • Where can we find evidence?
  • How do we preserve is the integrity of the evidence kept?
  • What does a court need from the report?

The tools and how we use them 

  • Live examples of the tools, which that can be used to find different evidence.

Workshop: Find the attacker 

An assignment designed to challenge each attendee in mapping out an attack.  

  • Use the tools and methods taught during the course to examine a “real case” and find what happened.
  • Practice writing a sound forensics report.
  • Receive feedback on method and report writing.

Certification and wrap up  

Summary of the day and key take away points.  

Interested? Talk to us! 

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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