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Data Breach Investigation & Support

The sophisticated nature of today’s cyber security attack makes it difficult for organisations to identify a data breach by themselves. If you have an incomplete understanding of the nature and scope of the breach, it leaves your organisation exposed for adversaries to revisit such breaches. Our data breach investigation and support service assesses such exposures and can help make your organisation more secure. 

Do you know or suspect your organisation has been breachedWe can help. 

  • If you are certain your organisation has been breached, but need to know the exact root cause and solution, our team provides a rapid response to the situation. We can assess the possible damages, provide immediate patch remediation and analyse the root cause to give you a complete overview of the situation, and an immediate action plan for future events.
  • If you are less certain your organisation has been compromised, we can also be of service. Our team will go “threat hunting” in your organisation’s network and write up a report for you with the outcome of the assessment. The report also contains possible loopholes in the infrastructure that may be improved and any patches that can be applied as well.

We make use of our proprietary in-house tools, which we have designed, along with the cutting-edge threat-hunting tools to ensure that no malware is lurking in your organisations network.  

What we do: 

  • Carry out breach detection and prevention 
  • Perform a detailed breach investigation 
  • Identify the root cause 
  • Perform damage analysis and quantify data leaks 

What we deliver: 

  • A complete root cause analysis of the breach 
  • A risk profile of the environment 
  • A list of strategic recommendations for remediation 

We ensure lower disruption to business after active threat hunting  

Our experts can perform a sophisticated breach investigation using the most cost-effective means, which will give you knowledge of areas of risk in your organisation and leave you better protected against future attacks. Contact us today! 

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