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IT Due Diligence

How do you conduct an IT Due diligence and make sure you foresee relevant risks? At Zacco, we have experts who can review IT platforms and IT agreements for you and assess the risk exposure for your business.

IT Due Diligence challenges all sides of information technology; software agreement, services, cloud, hardware etc. Zacco has experts helping your business in the process of collecting, understanding and assessing the legal and technical risks associated with a potential platform and system acquisition.

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Throughout the IT Due Diligence, our experts review IT documents, software and hardware from a potential target company in order to assess legal, commercial and risk elements associated with these IT agreements, software and hardware. Such risks may be licensing restriction, change of control regulation, code bugs, low access security or high exposure of liability. All these elements are important for your business and we address them and how they impact on your business – helping you to mitigate acquisition risks and understand what you purchase.

Zacco’s TechLaw lawyers and technical software development experts have extensive experience in conducting IT Due Diligence, and we can help to ensure that a portfolio in an IT Due Diligence is transparent, safe and predictable. Contact us today!

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