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Open Source Software Matters

How to foresee consequences of the use of open source software from a business perspective? At Zacco, we have experts who can review the impact of Open Source Software from a developer point of view using open source software as part of their product or for businesses using open source software within their business.

Open Source Software has a great impact on the IT industry as it is free of charge, can be distributed freely and modified. However, there are matters of concern related to the use of Open Source Software and Zacco can help you address these concerns in a proper way. For example, the Open Source Software often come with license terms, knowing these terms can be vital for your business.

TechLaw is our business

Throughout the open source licensing terms review, we assess the terms applicable for you. Open source software often have restrictions – such as restrictions regarding payment, requirements to open source code for own software and the Open Source Software is delivered “as-is”.

Zacco’s TechLaw lawyers have extensive experience, and we can help to ensure that the terms of use for the Open Source Software is acceptable for your business. Contact us today!

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