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Red Team / Blue Team

How effective are your security solutions and technologies? How prepared is your security/IT/network/SOC team for a sophisticated attack? How far can a threat actor penetrate your network? Let us help you test your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks. 

In this service, we simulate a real-time cyber-attack iyour organisation using attacking styles of real-world threat actors in order to test the preparedness of the organisation in the event of an attack.  

Our approach 



Our agents will test physical security loopholes (by attempting to gain physical access to the organisation) as well as perform attacks from various vectors to test the organisation in an event of a cyber-attack during business hours. We carry out these tests in a professional manner, which will not disrupt or cause any harm to the business, at the same time as we test the effectiveness of the cyber-team deployed in the organisation. 

Why run a Red Teaming test? 

  • Learn about how prepared your organisation is for advanced sophisticated attacks
  • Identify the chinks in your organisational cyber security armour, which sophisticated threat actors can exploit
  • Understand the effectiveness of your cyber security technologies and the return of investment
  • Evaluate your current incident response effectiveness
  • Gain confidence about your cybersecurity posture 

Want to learn more about what a Red Teaming Test can do for your organisation? 

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