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Threat Intelligence and Hunting

As every minute counts in cyber security threat response, the key to defending yourself against advanced vulnerabilities and malware is to fortify your security posture through real-time threat intelligence. In order for threat intelligence to be actionable and effective, we recommend organisations to complement internal information with externally sourced threat intelligence feeds. 

By using both internal and external data sets, you are able to review, prioritise, link, and correlate all of this information to create a complete threat picture and take the appropriate action. By connecting the dots between operations inside your own environment and the outside activity, you can create the right context for understanding threats. 

What we offer 

Our Threat Intelligence and Hunting service provides early-warning threat intelligence feeds, which allows you to proactively to identify cyber security threats that could affect your organisation. We will provide your organisation with access to a constant stream of malicious URLs and IP addresses, phishing links and subjects, and other malware data processed by our labs and supported by our extensive peering and partner relationships with other security organisations. 

You can use the information we supply to ensure that firewalls, IDS/IPS, gateways, SIEM solutions, e-mail security and other defences are protecting the organisation from malware and other threats as they emerge.  



We can strengthen your security posture 

By identifying threats before they have a footing within your organisation, you can reduce the likelihood and severity of these high-impact incidents and help protect your information assets and reputation.  

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