Awareness Training

Employee awareness training is an integral part of improving your security and staying safe.
Regardless if your employees work with R&D, HR or daily operations, they will have a need for education. We believe that the earlier we educate people and the more we educate them, the more secure they can become in their daily work. 

The education needs of your workforce will be different, which is why we offer targeted security awareness training that suits your employees, in their context.  

We offer the following awareness training: 

  • Security Awareness Training: Your people are your first and last line of defense in your cyber security defenses. Employees within your organization need to stay updated on the latest threats and attacks they will encounter, learn how to avoid them and how to act if something happens.
    Target audience: Every employee.
    Covers: Social Engineering, Physical security, Passwords and Authentication, Information Security, Secure Data Handling, Remote Work and Incident handling. 
  • Secure Development Training: Where do most threats occur? What are the current main risks to applications? At Zacco Digital Trust, we offer cyber security fundamentals training for developers, as a high level of security awareness is crucial when creating a secure product.
    Target audience: Developers.
    Covers: OWASP TOP10, Password handling, CTF
  • Security Awareness for Decision Makers: How is business and cyber security connected? What are the strategies, tactics and goals of hackers? What are the countermeasures? The purpose is to create an understanding of why cyber security is an important part of a decision maker’s job.
    Target audience: Decision makers within a company.
    Covers: Case studies, Hacker motives/strategies/techniques, important aspects for decision makers. 

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