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Our services discover hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and verifies if key security controls are implemented. 

How strong is your organisation? 

Iis often said, “An organisation is as strong as its weakest link”. At Zacco, we say, “An application is as strong as its weakest code”. Because if the code of an application, which is the foundation of any application, is not strong enough, it leaves room for threats to enter. But if codes are written securely in the first place, the job of taking care of its security is halved. 

Thus, a securely written code is like a job half done in terms of security aspects. To ensure that such foundations are taken care of in the initial stages, we provide a fully secure code review service where we handle all security issues related to code application. We correct all issues in a timely manner, which will be of help during the development of the application.  

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