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VPhish Pro – An Advanced Phishing Simulation Platform

Phishing remains one of the most prominent and profitable forms of cyber attack. VPhish Pro is designed to help you raise awareness of the risks and create cyber vigilance within your organisation.

Develop a ‘Human Firewall’

VPhish Pro helps your employees to recognise the signs of a potential attack. Raising awareness is one of the most cost-effective cyber security solutions available. Train your colleagues to become your first line of defence.

The Next Generation of
Phishing Simulation

User-friendly and easily accessible – Launch campaigns in minutes

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Choose from 20+ customisable and realistic scenarios and landing pages

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User-friendly and easily accessible – Launch campaigns in minutes

With our easy to use management system, you can design and launch a simple campaign with just a few easy steps:

  • Select your Scenario and Landing Page from our library.
  • Upload and select your target recipients.
  • That’s it!

Choose from 20+ customisable and realistic scenarios and landing pages

You will receive immediate access to our extensive library of realistic phishing scenarios and landing pages. Designed from real-world examples, each scenario is ready to launch or can be customised according to your desired purpose. Scenarios include:

  • Drive-By

    A fake message that encourages users to visit a page rigged with dangerous malware.

  • Data Entry

    An email that encourages the user visit a fake page where they will be asked to enter their confidential or personal information.

  • Attachment

    A fake email that prompts the user to download a malware-infected attachment.


Comprehensive results viewable in real-time within the management system

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Multi-lingual capability for international campaigns

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Comprehensive results viewable in real-time within the management system

You can track the results of your campaign in real-time showing simplified statistics and graphics including, but not limited to:

  • Campaign Performance Report

    Detailed insight into how successful the campaign has been in identifying which employees might be susceptible to a genuine phishing attempt.

  • Open, Click, Download and Data Entry results

    Quickly identify how many of your colleagues have fallen for the fake phishing attempt with extensive reporting on both numbers and individual accounts

  • Comprehensive Overview

    Identify patterns in the data and find those who have fallen for the fake phishing attempt on multiple occasions in order to help them to better understand the risks involved.


Multi-lingual capability for international campaigns

VPhish Pro currently offers multi-lingual campaign material so you can easily launch multi-lingual campaigns across multiple territories and track in which countries your campaign has been more successful.

  • Currently available in English, Swedish and Arabic.

    We will be adding additional languages in the future.

  • Need a specific language?

    We have access to translators both in-house and through our wider global network so we may be able to quickly develop material to suit your needs.


Why Choose VPhish Pro?

Cyber Secure Workforce_dark blue

Create a Cyber Secure Workforce

No one can stop an employee from clicking on a malicious link; all you can do is educate your colleagues of the risks. Help your employees to understand that everyone is responsible for cyber security.

Identifies Human Risk_Dark blue

Identify employees who are more susceptible to a phishing attack

Using VPhish Pro, you can track campaign responses and identify employees who are more likely to fall for a genuine attack, helping them to remain alert for the real thing.

Educates Employees_Dark blue

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated

Cyber-defence can be confusing to those who do not work in the industry. With easy to follow videos and tutorials VPhish Pro can help your employees to better understand what form a phishing attack may take and how to identify them.

Strongest Links_Dark blue

Put cyber defence at the forefront of your employee’s actions

The most comprehensive cyber defences are no match for a lack of vigilance. Your employees and colleagues continue to be one of your strongest lines of defence, give them the tools they need to defend your interests effectively.

Security in Mind_Dark blue

Stop an attack before it does significant damage

Using the VPhish Pro Email plugin, your employees can actively report any suspicious email to your IT department, where it can be investigated and the relevant action taken, if necessary, to remove or blacklist such emails from your network.

Reduce Fraud_Dark blue

Make the most of your cyber security budget

The simple act of raising cyber awareness is often considered one of the cheapest and most effective methods of improving your cyber security capability.

Think your employees would never fall for a phishing attempt? Why not make sure?

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How it works

Launch a campaign within minutes – VPhish Pro offers a user-friendly management system to simulate real time Phishing attacks. Give your employees the tools they need to recognise an attack before it starts.


How it works 1

Create a Campaign

Create a new campaign by clicking on the campaign menu.


How it works 2

Select your Scenario

Select a suitable scenario from our extensive in-built library of customisable scenarios, or create your own.


How it works 3

Select your Landing Page

Select your landing page from the library, customise one or create your own. Landing pages are a proven method of raising awareness of the potential data and financial loss that could have resulted from a genuine attack.


How it works 4

Select your Targets

Upload your target list to the system, either individually or through a spreadsheet you have prepared earlier and select the recipients you wish to target during the campaign.


How it works 5

Launch the Campaign and View the Report

Monitor the results in real-time and identify which employees are more likely to have fallen for a genuine phishing attempt.

How it works 6


It really is that simple.

What level of service does your organisation need?

Digital Trust offers four professional services package options for VPhish Pro and all have been designed to meet your preferred deployment technology and project scope. Based on your organisation’s requirements, we will help you to develop a package that suits both your budget and your needs.
Phishing as a Service Base Standard Advanced Custom
Email support for one domain
Email support for two domains
Email support for three domains
Scenarios English
Scenarios Bilingual
Scenarios Trilingual
Landing Pages English
Landing Pages Bilingual
Landing Pages Trilingual
Access to 20+ Scenarios
Access to LMS platform
Reporting Tool
2 hours Implementation Support
4 hours monthly Technical Support
8 hours monthly Technical Support

*This pricing is based on agreement of a 12 month contract.

From a basic tool to help you simulate a phishing attack to a fully managed solution run by our expert team, we have a service that will suit the needs of your organisation. Get in touch for a fully customised quote.