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The next generation Phishing simulation platform

VPhish Pro has been designed to raise employee awareness of the risk posed by phishing attacks. Using easy to follow training materials and fully customised scenarios and landing pages, you can quickly launch a simulated phishing attack.

Repeated exposure to phishing attempts will give your employees the confidence to recognise genuine attacks as and when they happen. The tool has been developed using real world scenarios and has been designed to be as realistic as possible in demonstrating the tactics currently in use by attackers worldwide.

Give your employees the tools and training they need to defend your corporate data effectively.

Designed to develop organisational resilience

Educates Without Judgement_white

Educates without judgement

Falling for a phishing attempt is often the result of lack of awareness, not an employee’s ability. As Phishing becomes increasingly sophisticated, it is often more effective to simulate an attack and demonstrate just how easily we can be deceived.
Provides Useable Data and Results_white

Provides useable data and results

Each simulated campaign gathers extensive insight into which type of attack has been most effective throughout the organisation, offering information into the risks that arise from each attack style. Results are available in real-time, allowing you to adjust future campaigns as necessary.
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Designed to work alongside your corporate communication style and format

Many employees believe that cyber security is not their problem. VPhish helps your organisation to learn that the IT Department cannot stop them from clicking on a malicious link. Train your colleagues to understand that cyber defence is their responsibility too.
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Provides immediate opportunity to educate colleagues

With fully customisable landing pages, employees who fall for the fake phishing attempt are immediately given the opportunity to recognise the potential risks of their mistake, and to learn how to avoid such phishing attempts in the future.
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The training evolves as the threats evolve

Our scenario libraries are regularly updated as we identify new threats in the wild. Each time a new phishing attempt is recognised, we will explore the method used and incorporate a similar approach into some of our templates.
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Cost effective with service levels to suit both your needs and your budget

The most comprehensive cyber security system can be still be let down by a lack of employee awareness. You cannot control your employee’s every click so help them to understand why knowledge of phishing risks is important to the data and information security of your organisation.

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