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‘Create a Human Firewall’

Zacco Digital Trust was working with a major logistics firm who had decided to incorporate VPhish Pro into their wider security awareness programme. They designed and developed a campaign through the VPhish Pro dashboard, customising it with Zacco’s help, and within a few days of starting the programme they were ready to launch their first campaign to hundreds of their employees.

It is safe to say that the results of the first campaign were eye opening. They discovered that more than 80% of their employees had either clicked on one of the ‘drive by’ phishing links or had entered their user credentials into a fake online form. Zacco helped them to develop a campaign to raise awareness, through a combination of phishing simulations and training, ensuring that colleagues would not make the same mistakes again. Incorporating the comprehensive VPhish and eSecure Learning training videos and documentation, they had the opportunity to educate their staff on the associated risks of clicking on unknown links and within days they had begun to notice a significant reduction in the number of people who were falling for the simulated attacks.

The story doesn’t end there either, shortly after launching their campaigns, the organisation suffered a genuine phishing attack which targeted a number of senior employees, many of whom had only recently completed the Phishing and awareness training. As a result, many of the genuine phishing emails were immediately flagged and their addresses or domains blacklisted. The company is convinced that without VPhish Pro, the damage could have been significantly worse. They have created their own ‘Human Firewall’ as a first line of defence against potential attack.

Today, Zacco VPhish Pro and eSecure Learning are a standard part of the onboarding process for all new employees.