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About Zacco Digital Trust

Zacco Digital Trust is focused on solving the cyber security challenges of tomorrow. We bring together experts in the field of cyber security, secure software development, digital forensics and cutting-edge research to protect organisations, and to help them to better understand risks to their digital security.

We offer a combination of pre-emptive and reactive services able to scale and adapt to an organisation of any size. From our unparalleled 24/7 monitoring services, penetration testing and threat hunting ability or our educational services, such as VPhish or eSecure Learning, to our security maturity assessments, incident response teams and our ISO certified digital forensics lab, we can help you to navigate the risks of the modern digital landscape.

Digital Trust is a specialised branch of Zacco

Zacco is a modern, full-service intellectual property firmWe offer an all-embracing 360° perspective on intellectual property: From patent, trademark and design protection to software development, digital brand protection, cyber security, portfolio management and IP strategies for the modern economy.

Today, it is not always enough to secure your intellectual property by means of patents, registrations of designs, copyrights and trademarks alone. Securing your IP digitally against data theft and fraud and keeping up with rapidly evolving data protection laws and technology is increasingly important. We have about 120 highly specialized consultants in our cyber security team who can deliver Digital Trust services.

By combining the traditional IP disciplines with cyber security, software development and digital brands, we take care of your ideas, innovations, data, identity – and all of your other intangible assets. Everything you literally can’t put your finger on. We protect your assets, give you ownership and make them yours to keep – now and in the future. 

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Zacco is also among Europe’s largest IP firms with more than 500 dedicated experts in all aspects of intellectual property, including a large number of experienced patent, trademark and design attorneys as well as paralegals, IT specialists and software developers. We have almost 200.000 registered IP rights in our portfolio and we handle a large number of applications, as well as thousands of patent validations, IP translations and renewals every year.


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