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Digital Trust, good for security and great for business

It is becoming increasingly important to build your digital trust. Besides keeping your organization’s information and reputation safe, it opens up for new opportunities for your business. Companies and customers place high demands on digital security, both their own and their suppliers – one’s level of security needs to be in line with the companies you want to do business with.

Building your Digital Trust is good for more reasons than just security, it is also great for business. And if you let us help you raise your security level you will increase your digital trust; we can help with turning your data into assets and to protect them,thus adding value to your company.

Securing your assets, full circle

We’ve been helping visionaries and innovators to protect their assets since the end of the 19th century. A job that requires as much creativity, accuracy and innovation from us as from those we work with. And with today’s growing need to protect everything from ideas and inventions to algorithms, privacy and data, we have added the expertise that both builds your digital trust and protects your company’s assets. Because when the world changes, so do we and we want to give you the best possible conditions for you to grow your business. We identify, protect and secure your company’s assets with a new way of covering all aspects of intellectual property.

We call it IP 360 and you can learn more about this at

IP 360 – The future of intellectual property

Today, it is not always enough to secure your intellectual property by means of patents, registrations of designs, copyrights and trademarks alone. Securing your IP digitally against data theft and fraud and keeping up with rapidly evolving data protection laws and technology is increasingly important.

One process to secure it all

Regardless if you want to protect your data and build digital trust, or if you want our help to identify and secure your assets, we have the same proven model to do so.

This means that the step in either direction is easy to take. If you are a digital trust client who wants help with your intangible assets, you’ll recognize the process, which makes it easier to switch to a 360° perspective and secure all your company’s innovation, identity and digital assets. And we advise you on which assets qualify for protection through intellectual property rights as patents, trademarks and designs.


Our first step always is to understand your business and industry in order to identify your core business assets: Do you have the right assets? How can we develop your assets? What are your business identifiers? How do your clients perceive you? By locating your strongest assets, we make room for you to develop your core business and increase its value.


Once we have protected and secured your assets, we can monitor them in order to keep track of how they are used and exposed. We can also monitor the market, global trends and your competitors’ activities to help you stay up-to-date on developments in your industry and prevent any unauthorised use of your assets.


In this step, we consolidate all your assets and implement the best strategy for how to protect them. We can help you protect your data and software, register domain names and trademarks, draft & file patent applications and ensure that your assets are renewed in time. We can also handle your cyber security issues or many other tasks relative to your IP.


It may be necessary to take legal action in order to protect your intellectual property rights and maintain the value of your intangible assets. If you need to defend or enforce your rights, we can represent you in court or provide you with litigation support. We can also investigate criminal behaviour online, such as data theft, phishing attacks or extortion.


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You grow your business;
we keep it safe