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Zacco Master Thesis - We believe in the value of innovative thinking

We offer the opportunity to do your masters thesis with us!

Zacco are looking for students with a passion for security and a growth mindset. Whether you have your own thesis idea or would like to do one of our proposed master thesis ideas, we can offer you the opportunity to have a skilled industry professional as a thesis supervisor.

The table below shows some ideas we think could be interesting for a masters thesis. Please take a look, and if you feel interested – contact us!

Rogue Device Localizer

Can we build an accurate and cheap rogue WIFI-device locator?..

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Credential harvester

Is a Raspberry PI, set up to perform credential harvesting at an office location for a lon..

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User behavior biometrics

Is it possible to identify a user based on his/her behaviour during day-to-day work on a r..

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Do you want more information, please contact:

Ola Florvik

Regional Manager Sweden West

Fredrik Fingal

Regional Manager Denmark and Sweden South