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24 February 2023

How might AI Chatbots improve cyber / information security?

Sabit Sawut

Many have heard of Chat GPT and its potential implications, especially in the cyber- and information security industry. So how might Chat GPT (or other AI language model chatbots) improve efficiency and quality within our industry? Here are five key points:

Automated Security Monitoring (ASM): Chatbots can continuously monitor and analyse large volumes of data to detect and identify potential security threats in real-time. ASM could be used to detect anomalies, or suspicious activities, by analysing system logs, network traffic, and user behaviour.

Security Incident Response: These bots could provide immediate assistance during security incidents, such as data breaches or cyberattacks. They can help to mitigate potential damage by providing accurate information, guiding users through appropriate response procedures, and alerting security teams.

User Education and Awareness: AI chatbots could be used to educate and raise awareness among employees, end users and other stakeholders about maintaining good cybersecurity and information security best practice. Such training might include teaching safe online behaviour, how to identify phishing scams, and other security-related topics.

Support and Assistance: Chatbots have the potential to provide quick and efficient support for security-related queries, such as password resets or access requests.  Implementation can reduce the workload of security teams and provide more streamlined user support.

Fraud Detection: Bots like Chat GPT can potentially identify fraudulent activities, such as account takeovers, identity theft, and payment fraud. They can use machine learning algorithms to analyse patterns and identify suspicious activity, providing alerts to security teams.

In summary, chatbots offer multiple improvements that could streamline the cybersecurity and information security industry. Providing real-time monitoring and incident response, educating users, providing general support and assistance, as well as detecting and preventing fraudulent activities are all potential applications, a list which is only expected to grow as AI continues to improve.

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