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Monthly Security Digest for December

Every month, we are covering the major security events for our clients. Please find an exclusive selection below.

45 Million Medical Images Exposed
Cyber Security researchers at CybelAngel have discovered more than 45 million medical images after
a six-month-long investigation. The exposed images also contain the personally identifiable
information (PII) and personal healthcare information (PHI) associated with them.

250,000 MySQL Databases Sold on DarkWeb
Threat actors are selling 250,000 databases stolen from tens of thousands of breached MySQL
servers on the dark web for a price of only 550 dollars per database. The attackers have set up an
auction site that lists 250,000 databases from 83,000 breached servers.

A Second Threat Actor Has Targeted SolarWinds
A new digital forensic evidence has stated that a separate threat actor has exploited the SolarWinds software to plant malware on corporate and government networks. Security researchers believe that the attackers are not related to the suspected Russian government-backed hackers.

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