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Monthly Security Digest for May

Every month, we are covering the major security events for our clients. Please find an exclusive selection below.

Chrome Loader Malware Targeting Browsers
The ChromeLoader malware has been increased in detection, causing the browser hijack to become a widespread threat. ChromeLoader is a browser hijacker that can modify the victim’s web browser settings to show search results that promote unwanted software, fake giveaways, surveys, dating sites, etc. […]

New RansomHouse Group
A new data extortion cybercrime operation named RansomHouse has appeared on the darknet where the threat actors publish evidence of stolen files and leak data of the organizations that refuse to make the ransom payment. […]

New BPFdoor Malware Targets Linux
A new backdoor malware called BPFdoor has been targeting Linux and Solaris systems. BPFdoor is a Linux/Unix backdoor that allows threat actors to remotely connect to a Linux shell to gain complete access to a compromised device. BPFdoor is a passive backdoor, meaning that it can listen on one or more ports for incoming packets from one or more hosts, that attackers can use to send commands remotely to the compromised network. […]

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