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Monthly Security Digest for April

Every month, we are covering the major security events for our clients. Please find an exclusive selection below.

New Nimbuspwn Linux Vulnerability
A new set of Nimbuspwn Linux vulnerabilities allows local attackers to escalate privilege. According to the researchers at Microsoft, the Nimbuspwn security issues were discovered in networkd-dispatcher, which is a component that sends connection status changes on Linux machines. […]

New Industrial Spy Malware is Promoted Through Cracks and Adware
A newly released Industrial Spy by threat actors is used to sell stolen data from breached companies, as well as it offers free stolen data to its members. The Industrial Spy offers different tiers of data at premium stolen packages. […]

New META Information Stealer
A new META Information Stealer malware is being distributed in a malspam campaign. META infostealer is being used by many cybercriminals to steal passwords that are stored in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, as well as cryptocurrency wallets. The initial infection is done by sending a macro-laced Excel spreadsheet to the victim inboxes in email attachments. […]

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