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Application Security

We can support in securing all parts of the software development lifecycle. If you are in the process of getting up to date with application security, Zacco can help with the implementation of all tools, processes and knowledge required.

When everything is in place, Zacco can provide continuous support to make sure that your application security stays up to date and to maintain a culture that encourages a security mindset.


Implementation. Bringing security into the earliest stages of the software development lifecycle, shifting left, is one of the most important steps to secure a complex product. We can help in introducing a good security framework for requirements and to refine and adapt security requirements into your application.

Continuous. New requirements are added all the time, this requires reviews and updates to the security requirements. Bring in our consultants as part of the process or get help in the implementation phase and get a hand over to your teams.


Implementation. Designing a product and creating scalable and reliable architecture has always been hard, it is even harder to do this with security in mind. We can help you with threat modelling and design.

Continuous. Designing new requirements will most often come with a security challenge. Our consultants can help in the review process or actively take part in the changes, to create the most secure transitions for your application.


Implementation. The best and most secure applications are developed by teams with high security awareness. We provide training in the form of secure development courses and workshops, covering topics like OWASP TOP 10 list, Secure Coding best practices and tooling.

Continuous. New developers join and teams changes. A continuous security training program with engaging activities such as “capture-the-flag” as well as conventional training sessions makes sure that developers stay up to date.


Implementation. It is particularly important to have good testing tools covering all aspects of the application. Shifting left means covering most security vulnerabilities early in the development process, testing is the last line of defense.

Automated testing tools, such as DAST, SAST and SCA in the development pipeline are all needed, especially in complex architecture. Manual penetration tests are also a valuable piece of the security puzzle.

Continuous. Results from security testing tools can sometimes be complex to interpret. We can provide guidelines on how to fix discovered vulnerabilities and to fine tune test tooling.


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