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Digital Forensics

Have you suffered a data breach, loss of information or been subjected to unauthorized extraction of sensitive data? Do you suspect that an employee or a third party has copied sensitive data? Regardless of root cause or incident, you will get the best forensic help from our certified forensic specialists.

We acquire evidence, extract both volatile/non-volatile data and perform the analysis according to the best forensic principles and standards, so that you can go to court if needed – with our report in your hand.

Our forensic specialists work with:

  • Mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Tablets)
  • Computers (Laptops, PC, Mac)
  • Networks (server and infrastructure memory analysis, log acquisition, log analysis)
  • Storage devices (UMS, USB, disks, NVMe)
  • Cloud environments

What you get:

  • A digital forensics investigation, which is based on forensically sound methodology and meticulous attention to detail
  • Answers to your questions regarding the chain of events – likely timeline and culprits
  • Data loss recovery (where applicable)

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