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Secure Development Training

Where do most threats occur? And what are the current main risks to applications? At Zacco Digital Trust, we offer cyber security fundamentals training for developers, ashigh level of security awareness is crucial when creating a secure product.  

Our course for developers is designed to give the attendees core knowledge of how to apply cyber security best practices in a development process, what the most common risks are in web applications and how they are exploited.  

The course may be tailored to fit a particular audience and set of expectations, and includes the following sections: 

Introduction to Cyber security  

What happens if we don’t secure our product?  

  • The current state of cyber security in the world.
  • Security breaches in other companies, their impact and why it happened.

Securing the product with OWASP 

How do we make a secure product?  

  • Description and a walk- through of the categories of OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls, the most important control and control categories that every architect and developer should know and include in every project.
  • Live demonstrations of how to exploit a few selected OWASP top 10 risks.

Cyber Security technology deep dive  

Presentations of interesting and important security topics:  

  • Password handling.
  • Think like a hacker: how to find vulnerable systems.

Workshop: Capture the flag

A contest designed to challenge each attendee to solve cyber security challenges, where the goal is to exploit different security risks.  

  • Advanced attendees play against each other to reach a higher score on a scoreboard.
  • Attendees new to cyber security will solve simpler challenges (in pair) and try a few of the topics described in the training session.

Summary of the day and key take away points.  

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