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Security Awareness for Decision Makers

The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving and the amount of attacks that are exploiting fundamental security flaws are increasing at an alarming rate. Your decision makers need to have a good overview of the threats of today. The knowledge will help you to understand what attacks that could affect your company in particular. 

The session will give an overview of the current threats that can be observed. What they are, who is doing the attacks and why. We will go into detail about the biggest threats and of course talk about how you can prevent security breaches from happening. 

Our Security Awareness For Decision Makers training covers the following:

  • Threats. Criminals are constantly refining their methods and their tools are becoming more sophisticated. Ransomware has had a 50-fold increase in damage cost the last few years, led to substantial data leaks and in some cases even resulted in companies cease to exist. Combining Ransomware with other threats like Denial of Service, Supply Chain Attacks and Phishing, the defense becomes more complex.
    Keywords: Ransomware, DDOS, CEO-Fraud, Phishing, Supply Chain Attacks 
  •  Threat Actors. Who are the individuals or organizations behind the attacks? Understanding who the threat actors are is key to an adequate cyber security defense. Main motivation for cyber-crime is money; this makes all organizations potential targets.
    Keywords: Cyber-criminals, Hacktivist, Nation States, script kiddies 
  • Real world cases. There is much to learn from looking at previous attacks. Valuable lessons can be learned by walking through examples on how attackers got access and how their victims acted.By looking at how cyber criminals present their activities and themselves on the dark net you can gain a better understanding of their inner workings.Keywords: Conti, REvil, Lapsus$, Dark web, Tor, Coop 
  • How do you protect yourself?  Many attacks are successful due to lack of fundamental security controls and could been avoided. The likelihood of being the next victim can, in many cases, be drastically decreased by implementing the most basic security measures. 
    Keywords: Passwords, Multi Factor Authentication, Patch Management

The training is for all employees in a management, leadership or decision maker role. It is intended to give the information and tools needed to be able to better prioritize cyber security initiatives and get an understanding for what the key threats currently are. 

What we offer

  • An up-to-date cyber security training specially tailored for decision makers 
  • Material emphasizing on real world cases and threats 
  • Live demonstration and showcase on how cyber criminals operate 

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