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Security awareness training

Your people are your first and last line of defense in your cyber security defenses. 

Employees within your organization need to stay updated on the latest threats and attacks they will encounter, learn how to avoid them and how to act if something happens.   

Our awareness training ensures your workforce stays up to date on the various cyber threats that exist, how to recognize them, and steps to take to keep themselves and your company safe. 

In order to make this as valuable as possible for you and your employees, we will weave in their own context into the material. Highlighting the technical and administrative support and protection mechanisms in place, that helps them act safe and correct. 

Our Cyber Security Awareness training covers the following: 

  • Social Engineering attacks. The full spectrum of real-world attack scenarios ranging from infiltration to phishing. We cover why, how and when it works. We also cover how to behave in these situations as well as giving tips on how to prevent the attacks. Keywords: phishing, vishing, smishing, tailgaiting, infiltration, role playing, manipulation, word documents, macros. 
  • Passwords and Authentication. What is authentication, what is MFA? Why is this important? How does it work? What are safe passwords? Why are we recommending passphrases and password vaults, and what are they?
    Keywords: secure passwords, strong passwords, passphrases, password vault.
  • Information Security. What is information security, and why does it matter? Your employees will understand that accessing information is a privilege and “need to know access” should be practiced at all times. We introduce the CIA-triad as a tool of thought.
    Keywords: least privilege, role-based access, confidentiality, integrity, availability.
  • Secure Data handling. Why should we be aware of how we use removable storage devices? Why should we be careful of what USB sticks we connect? How should we share data in a secure manner? What can I do as an employee?
    Keywords: safe data sharing, USB sticks, encryption, zip + sms  
  • Working remotely. What threats are there to me, and my company, as remote working becomes the new norm? Why am I being told to utilize the VPN? What are proxies and firewalls? Why do they matter? What should I think about when working on the move?
    Keywords: VPN, Wi-Fi, evil twin, screen lock.
  • What to do – when it happens. Here we need your input to give the proper recommendations and encourage the right discussions amongst your employees. It is not a question of IF – but WHEN.
    Keywords: incident handling, escalation, reporting

The training is for any employee or individual who wants a broad and accurate understanding of the cyber threat landscape today, what they can do to protect themselves, and what available help there is in their environment.  

What we offer

  • An up-to-date and valuable security awareness training. 
  • Realistic training material that truly explains the underlying risks – going well beyond “do not click links”. Arming your employees with the necessary knowledge to act confidently.  
  • Lecturers with decades of real-world experience as security professionals. 


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