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Due Diligence

How do you conduct IT Due Diligence, identifying and assessing potential relevant risks? At Zacco, we have specialists who can review IT platforms and agreements for you, offering expert insight into the potential level of risk exposure for your business.

IT Due Diligence explores and challenges all sides of information technology including software agreements, policies, IT services, cloud configurations and hardware, among others. Zacco Digital Trust has experts in IT Due Diligence who are quickly able to help your business identify, assess and understand the legal and technical risks associated with a potential platform or system acquisition.

Experts in TechLaw and IT Due Diligence

Throughout the due diligence process, our experts will review all of a target company’s relevant IT documents, policies, software and  assessing associated legal, commercial and risk elements Such risks might include licensing restrictions, change of control regulations, code bugs, limited system access requirements or high liability exposure. All of these elements are important to an organisation, and failing to identify and address them in advance can have a significant negative impact. We can help you to recognise and mitigate potential risks, allowing you to evaluate your potential exposure, and adjust your price and other expectations accordingly.

Zacco’s TechLaw experts and technical software developers have extensive experience in conducting IT Due Diligence, and we can ensure that a target organisation’s IT portfolio is transparent, safe and predictable prior to acquisition.

Contact us for more information on how effective due diligence can help to ease the burden of acquiring and incorporating another organisation into yours.


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