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Open Source Software Issues

What potential consequences can arise from the use of open source software and how can you anticipate their impact on your organisation? At Zacco, we have experts who can review the potential consequences of using Open Source Software from both a regulatory and a software developer’s perspective.

Open Source Software continues to have a significant impact on the IT industry. It is free of charge, can be distributed freely, modified relatively easy and is regularly held as a special source of pride for its developers who often continue to update and improve features and functionality. However, there are considerations related to the use of Open Source Software and Zacco can help you to understand and address any concerns you might have about how your data is used, stored and transferred when using open source based applications. Similarly, understanding Open Source Software and licensing implications can vital for your business, especially when it comes to protecting private information, or the data on your customers or clients.

Experts in understanding open-source software and TechLaw

Throughout the open source licensing terms review, we can assess all relevant terms applicable to you. Open source software often has restrictions which might be related to payments or requirements to maintain an open source code when using it, or even that all software be delivered ‘as-is’, which could prevent any modification. It is important to understand and consider the potential impact such restrictions might have on your organisation.

Zacco’s TechLaw lawyers have experience across a wide range of issues that exist where software, legal and digital connect and we can help to ensure that the product you acquire is suitable for your needs and meets your legal requirements.

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