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Product and Software Licensing

How should you review Product and Software license agreements from a business perspective? At Zacco, we have experts who can review the legal requirements and obligations such agreements can place on your organisation and assess the impact on your operations.

Product and software licensing agreements are legally binding contracts, which include terms and conditions for the purchase, lease and use of products or software. They set out the rights and limitations of use, as well as any obligations that might be placed on users, and these have the potential to impact your business, either commercially, legally or both. A lack of knowledge is no defence and such limitations or restrictions might be unexpected and unwanted.

Experts in Licensing and TechLaw

Throughout a Product or Software licensing review, we will assess the terms applicable for your organisation and its operations. Normally, such an agreement consists of the following sections: scope, deliverables, prices and payment, intellectual property rights (IPR), breach, remedies for breach, liability and the duration of the agreement. Any obligations, restrictions or limitations could have serious repercussions for your organisation.

We can assess and consider all relevant terms for you, and help you to understand their implications. This might include descriptions of deliverables, implementation, price or payment terms and contract duration. We will talk you through how each of the terms of the agreement could affect your organisation and even review any included End-User Licenses or Open Source Software, if these are considered relevant, and advise on their potential consequences and operational risks.

Zacco’s TechLaw experts have experience across a wide range of issues that exist where software, legal and digital connect and we can help to ensure that the product you acquire is suitable for your needs and meets your legal requirements.

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