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Privacy (GDPR, Cloud Act, Data Protection Act)

What does privacy mean and how is personal data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) defined? For what purposes are you allowed to collect and process personal data? How should you secure any data or information you collect, and for how long can you keep it? Zacco has expert knowledge in the collection and securing of data or PII and we can help you to ensure your business complies with the GDPR and all relevant privacy legislation.

Europe’s data privacy and security law, the GDPR, arguably reaches further than any other national or international regulations, placing multiple demands on organisations regarding the collection, security and processing of data.   The regulations have fundamentally transformed how organisations collect and handle personal data and affect businesses within the EU and outside, as long as they target or collect data related to people within the EU

Making sure that your organisation complies with the GDPR is essential, not least with regard to potential fines that can be imposed for non-compliance. Establishing and correctly applying the regulations regarding lawful grounds for processing personal data, such as consent, contract or a legal obligation, as well as establishing proper procedures for review, correction and deletion of data, can be a complex and demanding task.

Handling personal data correctly can protect and improve your organisation’s reputation

The main objective of the GDPR and other privacy regulations is to safeguard the personal data of individuals but they also present a great opportunity to establish relevant processes and infrastructure. Zacco Digital Trust can help you to streamline and secure all necessary aspects of your organisation with respect to how you process and protect critical business information.

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