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Our Security Assessments will help you improve your security strategy, ensuring long-term compliance with customer requirements, standards, laws and regulations.

To know your organization’s security posture, you should identify its weaknesses and strengths, what will allow you to develop an appropriate roadmap to prioritize and resolve them. You can do it by running a security assessment.

Our security assessment will help your organization in being proactive and foster your business with proper security measures.

We offer reviews of your security strategy, gap analysis and cybersecurity maturity assessments.

Our methodology:

Our way of working depends on the customer’s needs, but could look something like this:

  • Workshop to walk you through the process and agree on the scope
  • Perform an information security gap assessment against agreed:
    • Standards, like NIST SP-800 series, ISO 27000, ISO 21434
    • Laws and regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, NIS, HIPAA, Part11, R.155, R156
    • Customer requirements
  • Perform a Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment
  • Collect our results and recommendations in a technical report detailing any vulnerabilities or gaps in your organisation’s security strategy.

What you get:

  • Review of your security strategy
  • Understanding how well you align to the standards, laws and regulations
  • Report detailing any vulnerabilities or gaps in your organisation’s security strategy

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