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Are you aware of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of the systems and applications you are currently using in your day to day work? Are you considering acquiring a new system and want to assess any potential risks you might be introducing into your secure IT environment?

What about your most commonly used applications? Did the developers follow best practice during the development lifecycle or could they introduce, intentionally or otherwise, new vulnerabilities which could put your systems and potentially those of your clients and partners at risk?

Have you transitioned, like many organisations, into using a cloud environment in AWS, AZURE or with another provider? An increasing number of recent cyber attacks, both on internal networks and ‘data in transit’, have been traced back to a simple misconfiguration of system settings.

Zacco can help you to review your configurations, architectural diagrams and cloud environment setups, so that you can focus on what you do best, safe in the knowledge that industry leading experts in cyber security are actively identifying, highlighting and fixing any problems you might have.

Zacco’s cyber security specialists have many years of experience reviewing network and system architectures, cloud configurations and application development lifecycles.

Reviews are conducted by a team of specialists and experts in their respective fields, and depending on your individual requirements, budget, and scope, we will ensure that you the most practical combination of competences necessary to secure any underlying or emerging issues.

Contact us today and we will help you identify any configuration faults, architectural weaknesses and potential system setback, before they become a potential cyber risk for you, your customers and other stakeholders

Have your specialist join you today – No matter what you do, or which field you work within, we have an expert available who will be able to identify your specific requirements and provide advice tailored to solving your unique organisational challenges.


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