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How well aligned is your organisation’s cyber security strategy with your business goals? This question is crucial to a successful cyber security programme, as the right alignment facilitates the right balance between a business’ needs and adequate protection against cyber risks. At Zacco Digital Trust, we can help. 

Cyber security is a strategic enterprise risk that goes far beyond information technology. A strong cyber security strategy should align to the business vision, objectives and innovation projects. If implemented effectively, it can enhance product integrity, customer experience, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation, investor confidence and more — leading to a return on your cyber investments. 

That is why cyber security demands attention not only from the chief information officer — but also from the rest of the C-Suite, the board and, indeed, employees and business partners throughout the organisation. 

Zacco Digital Trust: services tailored to your specific needs

Many companies believe that their investment in cutting-edge technology solutions mean that they are well protected from cyberattacksHowever, it is not only a matter of effective defences, but also of the people, the business and the organisational elementsWe therefore offer an integrated approach, tailored to your specific business needs and risk profile, and a variety of services. These include: 

Cyber security Executive Workshop

Zacco has developed a methodology that enables organisations to tailor their cyber security suite according to their risk appetite. Through a structured process, we identify your risk profile and current cyber security maturity level. The end-goal of the workshop is to identify the required alignment in the corporate cyber security strategy and policy.  

The workshop aligns the cyber security perception between all the stakeholders and identifies the risk appetite regarding cyber security. These are then derived to specific domains such as: BYOD, endpoint security, information sharing, social media management and more. 

Cyber Governance Framework

Building the framework for cyber security through governance, security planning and the right architecture is key to fending off cyber threats coming from the ever-changing cyber landscape. 

  • Governance is the set of responsibilities and practices exercised by the board and executive management with the goal of providing strategic direction, ensuring that objectives are achieved, ascertaining that risks are managed appropriately and verifying that the enterprise’s resources are used responsibly.
  • Security planning enables enterprise governance requirements to be met, covering management processes, organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, reliable and repeatable activities, and skills and competencies.
  • The architecture consists of business processes, information, data, application and technology architecture layers. Designing a good architecture effectively can help to realise the enterprise’s IT strategies by creating key models and practices that describe the baseline and target architectures. By defining requirements for taxonomy, standards, guidelines, procedures, templates and tools, and providing a linkage for these components, we improve alignment, increase agility, improve the quality of information and generate potential cost savings through initiatives such as reuse of building block components.

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