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There are plenty of regulations and standards. We at Zacco understand that this can be frustrating. Therefore, our compliance service will aid you reaching, supporting and following desired regulations or standards.

Regulations are a rule of orders which is set in the law, which is established by authorities, such as EU, governments, or other competent bodies. Regulations are mandatory to follow and comply with. Standards are best practices and state-of-the-art implementations that is voluntary to apply within a company.

We can help you achieve compliance

Our method:

Our typical approach could look like this:

  • To create an effective compliance program for your organization, we’ll examine your organizations current compliance level and evaluate it from an information security perspective.
  • The next step is to identifying your company’s specific information security compliance needs and policies.
  • Following is the implementation of your policies and settings into your software’s and processes.
  • The last step is to govern these risks and compliances to ensure that the organisation is compliant with desired regulations or standards.

Our compliance services:

  • ISO Standards: Zacco has extensive experience in supporting organisations in assessing and implementing compliance in various industries. We are knowledgeable in the ISO standards and have worked with ISO 27001 and 27002, but also ISO 21434 that is aimed for the vehicle industry.
  • NIST: If you work with partners in the US, the NIST standard is something you have probably encountered. We at Zacco comprehend this standard. Especially the NIST SP-800 series.
  • Regulations: Zacco are specialists in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance, R.155 and many more.
  • Industry compliance: Zacco can assist your compliance demands in the area of PCI DSS.

Depending on your company’s needs, the process to set up compliance will differ. Therefore, we at Zacco will prioritize your demands and assist you becoming compliant with desired regulations or standards.

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