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Cyber Security Health Check

The Cyber Security Health Check is a simple, priceworthy and affordable entry-level control if you want to find out what threats you possess in your internal and/or external environment, as well as your information exposure. 

By combining up to four sub controls, you can get a fast, accurate and honest picture of the threats you live with in your IT environment and digital exposure:

  • External vulnerability scan: Detects, visualizes and ranks the vulnerabilities that an external attacker could exploit to attack the company.
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan: Detects, visualizes and ranks the vulnerabilities that an internal attacker could exploit to attack the company.
  • OSINT exposure: Provides a complete picture of the digital footprint that the company and its employees have externally. What information about you is publicly available?
  • Breach search: Finds the passwords and accounts that appear on the darknet, and can be used by external attackers.

These four controls have been chosen – as they cover the reconnaissance part (the initial preparatory steps) of a cyber-attack: discovery of assets, services and information, version/framework identification and enumeration.

Cyber Security Inspection

What we do:

  • Set up a meeting for you to select the controls you are interested in.
  • Ensure the necessary prerequisites and dates for the security inspection to be performed.
  • Perform the controls and record the outcome.
  • Deliver a comprehensive report with the control results.

What you get:

  • A report containing the found potentially sensitive information about your company, which can be leveraged by an attacker when conducting social engineering, attacks.
  • A report containing the found external and internal vulnerabilities you should focus on to reduce your threat surface.
  • All vulnerabilities are ranked to ease your work on prioritizing your mitigation efforts.
  • Each vulnerability has a recommendation on how to mitigate it.

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