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Red Teaming

Will your organization be able to detect and stop real cyber-attacks in time, before it is too late?  

When was the last time you tested the physical, technical and process-based security mechanisms you rely on to defend your and your customer’s data?  

Red Teaming is a full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well your people, networks, applications, and physical security controls can withstand an attack from a motivated real-life adversary. 

Our Red Team engagement covers:

  • Technology & Information Security — Networks, applications, routers, switches, appliances, sensitive data, phishing, etc. 
  • People — Staff, independent contractors, departments, business partners, etc. 
  • Physical — Offices, warehouses, substations, data centers, buildings, etc. 

The purpose of conducting a Red Team assessment is to demonstrate how real-world attackers can combine several vulnerabilities from different areas to achieve their goals, and to help you take a defense-in-depth approach while continuously improving the security of your people, processes, and technology. 

Red Teaming will help you:

  • Assess the organization’s ability to detect, respond and prevent sophisticated and targeted threats 
  • Prioritize remediation plans based on what is causing the greatest risk 
  • Build a business case for improvements, deploying new solutions, and other security spending 

Our Red Teaming Methodology:

  • Planning 
  • Reconnaissance  
  • Preparation
  • Weaponization 
  • Exploitation 
  • Lateral movement and foothold 
  • Escalation 
  • Exfiltration 

The process:

  • You contact us and let us know you are interested 
  • We will set up a meeting to discuss your needs, desired goals and scope 
  • Our Red Teaming experts will develop a plan with multiple attack scenarios to reach the goals – detailing methods and tools  
  • Suggested Rules of Engagement for the whole exercise 
  • Suggested dates 
  • We will call for a plan review in which you get to see the plan and suggest changes 
  • You will get some time to go over the plan at your own pace 
  • You agree to the plan (with possible changes) 
  • The Read Team operators start with their work 

What you get:

  • To experience the progression of a realistic cyber-physical attack from a motivated adversary. 
  • Practice for your SOC/NOC/cyber security 
  • A test of your incident response methodology and processes 
  • An extensive report detailing: 
    • The full attack story – what happened, where and when – what was the outcome. What did the Red Team operators do, how they interacted with your systems and staff
    • All found and utilized vulnerabilities by the Red Team operators
    • Recommendations on how to prevent and/or mitigate the found and utilized vulnerabilities
    • A short movie with the edited body camera footage from the Red Team operators
    • The results from the reconnaissance phase 

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