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Vulnerability Scanning

More and more companies struggle with viruses, ransomware and other types of cyber-attacks that take place through vulnerabilities that are already known. Are you in control of your company’s vulnerabilities – in your internal as well as your external systems? Zacco can help assess these vulnerabilities and help you prioritise what to remediate, and in what order.  

We provide a vulnerability scan and a management report

Zacco’s Vulnerability Scanning will help your organisation form a general overview of any known vulnerabilities in all units and applications in your network. We can scan your internal as well as external systems and uncover which units are most exposed. In order to ensure that all devices in the network are known, we carry out a discovery scan that gives a total overview of the amount of devices connected to your network.

Once our tools have finished the vulnerability scan. To give you a better overview, our IT security specialists will go through the results with you and write a management report. This report will be stripped from false positives and include a “clean” list of vulnerabilities, ensuring that the actual vulnerabilities are listed so they easily can be prioritised. The report will enable you to get a clear view of what needs to be patched and what needs to be reprogrammed, which will increase the security level remarkably in your organisation. 

The more units, the greater risk of threats 

We often see that when companies invest in IT security solutions  whether it is appliances or software – no one ensures that the solutions after installing them are up to date. However, all software has vulnerabilities from date of release called Zero day vulnerabilities. Security solutions that are not controlled for vulnerabilities, can therefore be part of the problem instead of the solution. With our Vulnerability Services, your IT Security and other devices are constantly scanned for new vulnerabilities ensuring a higher security level. 

How safe is your company data?

It is our experience that while many companies today have improved their external security significantly, the internal security is falling behindA common threat arises when employees move company data to an external cloud or other types of platforms (e.g. file share services), often with no ill intent.  Contact us today, and our team of IT security specialists will help you find out! 


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