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Domain Name and DNS Management

Corporate Domain Management

The online identity of a company can be one of its most valuable assets in the digital world of today. Our Corporate Domain Management (CDM) service not only helps you increase the security level of your domain portfolio, but is also beneficial for other departments within your company, such as marketing, legal/compliance and finance.

To read about the service in its entirety, please visit Below you find information about some of the CDM services, mainly from a security perspective.

  • Registration and consolidation: Many companies with international presence struggle with the management of their domain portfolios, mainly due to the many various local restrictions and frameworks governing domain registrations globally. This often leads to scattered management across multiple registrars and DNS providers, with varying levels of access security, lack of two-factor authentication and individual employees having access to critical functions such as deleting a valuable and potentially critical domain name.
    We help you gather your portfolio with Zacco, raising the overall security level for your domain names.
  • Domain Name Lock: Domain Name Lock is a safety feature that prevents unauthorised, unwanted or accidental changes to a domain name. When set, it is not possible to transfer the domain name to another registrar, to change the ownership, to delete it, to change Name Servers or to update contact details. We offer registrar as well as registry lock; providing all of the above at either registrar or registry level. For critical domain names, such as your primary domain(s), we can combine registrar and registry lock with two-factor client personnel authorisation, ensuring the highest possible level of security for your most valuable domain names.
  • Privacy services: With our privacy and proxy services, we offer you registry compliant anonymity, keeping your identity confidential. For example, this can be used when registering domain names for a brand that has not yet been revealed to the public, or when you for security reasons wish to minimise your digital footprint in the WHOIS.
  • Domain Name Insurance: Zacco has an industry leading liability insurance covering each domain name renewal in the unlikely event that it is needed. All work undertaken by Zacco is further covered by Zacco’s general professional liability insurance.
  • TMCH and DPML: Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”) and the Domain Protected Marks List (“DPML”) are databases of validated and registered trademarks aimed to offer brand owners cost-efficient methods for preventing infringements through the domain name system.
    As a holder of a registered trademark, you are able to enrol in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). This allows you to register new generic top-level domains (TLDs) prior to the general release. This can turn out very valuable if a TLD relevant for your business or brand is ever released, e.g. like .patent or .trademark would be for Zacco.
    The Domain Protected Mark List (DPML) gives trademark holders the ability to block their trademarked names from registration across all of the top-level domains supported by a given registry.

Secure DNS Management

DNS uptime is crucial for your online presence, as any downtime could lead to non-operational websites, email services, apps and systems. By combining the rock-solid services of DNS Made Easy and Netnod, we provide a very high-end DNS solution, and minimise the risk for downtime.

We offer:

  • Premium DNS service: By combining the service of the global DNS provider DNS Made Easy and Swedish Netnod, we offer you two separate anycast solutions, providing a sophisticated DNS service with the highest level of security and performance.
    DNS Made Easy is a world leader in providing global IP anycast enterprise DNS services, and has been in service since 2001. DNS Made Easy implemented the industry’s first triple independent anycast cloud architecture, vital for maximum speed and redundancy, and has become a preferred choice for DNS hosting by many major companies.
    Established in 1996 as a neutral and independent Internet infrastructure organisation, Netnod is based in Sweden and fully owned by a non-profit foundation. Their services have ensured stability, resilience and high performance of critical DNS infrastructure for many years, and they operate one of the largest, most advanced DNS anycast networks in the world. In addition, Netnod serve many of the largest top-level domain organisations, and operate one of the 13 root name servers in the world.
    Our name server setup is based on six addresses, using five different domain names and three different top-level-domains, which further strengthens the redundancy of our service.
  • DNSSEC: Every website you visit and every email you send is dependent on DNS interaction. DNSSEC (DNS Security Extension) increases your security level and prevents your domain traffic from being manipulated. We offer DNSSEC for various different top-level domains.
  • Outsourced DNS management: Zacco’s experts within domain management help you manage, update and adjust your zones and records in our Premium DNS service. By providing you with a dedicated consultant, we offer DNS and zone management that is safe, quick and hassle-free.
  • Secondary DNS service: Our secondary DNS service allows you to use our name servers as a complement or back-up to your own name servers, increasing redundancy and DNS performance.

Takedowns and domain suspensions

The experienced Digital Brand consultants within Zacco are able to help you with any legal issues in the domain world, but to dispute a domain name is not always possible or even necessary. For example, it can be the actual content of a website that is infringing your brands or products (and not the actual domain name), or you need to have a domain suspended as soon as possible in order to stop spam or fraudulent emails being sent in your name.

High volumes of infringements can also call for an alternative approach, in order to keep costs in control. Our experienced Digital Brand Consultants know how to take down infringing and fraudulent websites swiftly or have domains suspended, effectively protecting your brand reputation while keeping cost low.

Whether you need support with an ongoing problem, or want us to help you identify infringing domain names or internet content before serious harm is done, we are here to assist you. When necessary, we enforce your rights in the relevant legal system.

For further information on our various services within brand protection and trademarks, please visit or contact one of our consultants.


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