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End-User Agreements

How to review End-user agreements from a business perspective? At Zacco, we have experts who can review these legal requirements for you and assess the impact on your business operations.

An End-user agreement or End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legally binding contract, which includes terms and conditions for end users. This is the agreement that sets the rights and limitations your business must follow in order to use the product. Lack of knowledge of these rights and limitations might seriously affect your business.

TechLaw is our business

Throughout the End-user agreement review, we assess the terms of use applicable for you. Normally, the End-user agreement consists of the following sections; grant of license, restrictions, ownership, warranty, damages, limitation of liability, audit rights and termination. All sections important for your business’s utilisation of the product.

We address and consider these terms for you – such as type of licenses, location restrictions, liability. For example, we consider if the restrictions of use are suitable for your business. What type of licenses are included in the End-user agreement; are the license perpetual, concurrent or named? Does the product contain Open Source Software? If so, we can help you assess any potential consequences.

Zacco’s TechLaw lawyers have extensive experience, and we can help to ensure that the product acquired is both adequate and meets your legal requirements. Contact us today!

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