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Research shows that 58 percent of organisations have a problematic shortage of cyber security skills and security teams continue to fall behind in responding to alerts. At Zacco Digital Trust, we can take care of all your cyber security needs. 

Effective cyber security is a matter of revealing the signs of emerging cyber attacks before they happen. Furthermore, making predictive analytics for enterprise the security of an organisation is the best defence against threats towards your digital assets. It also helps  and build trust for your customers and employees.  

In an increasingly evolving and sophisticated global threat landscape, Digital Trust is critical to protect and optimise your business, customers, employees and stakeholders.  

By recognising that security is not purely a technology issue, we combine technical and human intelligence to enrich the information and alerts shared with our customers. 

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Our services within Security Testing

Secure Online Communication

We enable your online communication to be authenticated and certified.

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Domain Name and DNS Management

We monitor, protect and enforce your domain names and ensure your portfolio is secure.

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Secure Code Review

We help you secure your critical information assets by identifying security weaknesses in large and complex applications.

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Vulnerability Scanning

We help your organisation form a general overview of any known vulnerabilities in all units and applications in your network.

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Cyber Security Health Check

We provide you with a fast, accurate and honest picture of the threats you live with in your IT environment and your digital exposure.

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Penetration Testing

We assess your critical assets in order to reveal any vulnerabilities that might disturb your operations.

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Red Teaming

We test your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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