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Innovators, investors, technology companies, digital entrepreneurs, and start-ups think globally but they must still adhere to the legal jurisdictions of the countries within which they operate. Zacco Digital Trust have the expertise and experience to help you successfully navigate the crossroads where technology and digitalisation meets laws and regulations.

When moving to new markets, introducing new technology, adopting the cloud, and adding new features, or considering a  merger or acquisition, companies need professional advice on local or national issues such as privacy, licensing, protection of investment, digital infrastructure, open source, regulatory issues, and other specific digital asset legal issues.

Digital trust, in combination with the legally binding protection of your assets, is our core business and our area of expertise. Zacco TechLaw offers a variety of legal services focused on the protection of your digital information, innovations, data and other digital assets.

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Our services within TechLaw

Privacy (GDPR, Cloud Act, Data Protection Act)

We help you make sure your business complies with the GDPR and other privacy regulations.

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Due Diligence

We review your IT platforms and IT agreements and assess the risk exposure for your business.

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End-User Agreements

We ensure that your End-user agreements meet the adequate legal requirements.

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Product and Software Licensing

We review Product and Software license agreements and assess the impact on your business.

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Open Source Software Issues

We ensure that the terms of use for the Open Source Software is acceptable for your business.

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